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Forget the rules!
and play from the heart.


Posts are often locked.
Or when I don't feel so lazy.


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 I like this post number. :>

I'm in Baguio right now with my cousins. I don't know what to feel. I'm still in the 'kids' category but at the same time, I'm not. I'm in it with less-than-10-year-olds. Bah, I just turned 16 three days ago. :P

The only kiddo guy (not counting the 6-month old baby)'s name is CJ. I met him a few years ago, and he ended up really scared of me. I don't think he remembers that. XD Anyway, I was sitting down beside him at the table and waiting for dinner to arrive. The next thing I knew, he's trying not to sob and tears are flowing down his cheeks. :\ :\ Apparently, his mom won't let him eat because he wasn't listening to the prayer. He was just silently crying and looking at his mom with that pained look on his face that's screaming "I'm sorry but I can't say it out loud because I'm humiliated. Please don't get mad." while we ate our dinner. :\ :\

And he really wasn't able to eat. :|

Walalang. I felt sorry for him.

Annnnnnnd. My life is happy right now. No more emo shiz. :">

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Yesterday was awesomest. I can die now, but I won't. I'm going to live this life. 8D

Gah. The drama's finally freaking over. This is going to be the best year ever. EVER. In my whole life.

Day before yesterday was crap. I thought it won't push through, that it ended before it even started.
I just had to wait for a couple more hours.

Hello, perfect life. :>
I can't even write about it properly. X3
Eh, whatever. Reality is finally better than my dreams. :D

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Why me.
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 I'm loading up an episode of Big Bang Theory few tabs over. There's nothing much to do in the internet. Whyyyyy. I used to be really confused when people start complaining over YM about how bored they were. It's the internet, dude. And then, it hit me. I'm just staring at facebook and randomly browsing through my bookmarks. I don't really feel like playing Neopets or reading fanfiction or whatever.

So. Yeah. I'm bored.


I had a pleasant surprise before review started. 8D Turns out that our English teacher for review is Sir Arghs! I was OMG-ing the whole time. Wheee! I missed him. 

And my grammar sucks. It's depressing. -_- Really depressing.
And my SATs are coming up in a few weeks. Oh, hell.

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 Mmm. :( Summer's about to end. It's one of the busiest and it felt like it just wheezed through. I wasn't even able to take up any kind of sport or activity this summer because of reviewing for entrance exams and field biology and everything else.

Oh, well. I'm just thankful we didn't have to go on a roadtrip like before.
I don't like roadtrips.

Drama for about a week. The bestfriend trap, tsk. Well, the week before that was happiness, so I'm not sure if I regret the one question that triggered it all. Everything's fine right now, but still. >__> My summer would've been waaaay better without all that drama.

The bestfriend trap. Four (or three) kinds. I fell for the third. Good luck with everything else, Candy.

It's weird when the the sun's scorching hot but you're shivering from the cold. It felt really cold. Really.

Okay, so I guess I wish it never happened.

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FINALLY. Laptop and internet, thank goodness. It's been four days since I last touched a computer with a working internet. Yesterday doesn't count, I used a cellphone.

Mister Donut serves breakfast. O: And sandwiches (they call it snackwich) and pasta and wifi! Yeah, that's where I am right now. The hotel's a few meters away. There's a tip jar in the counter near the cash register. O__O And there are coins in it!

WHOA. I just spotted someone who looks a lot like Terence. He looks a little bit more decent.

I just signed in to YM and uh, these people started popping up. And and and, they're not replying! So I guess they're offline messages, but one dude's replying, so I don't know. I'm confused.

Ayyy. I haven't cut my nails since my piano recital. Let's see how long they'll manage to grow before they get killed. It's hard to type.

Okay, pure randomness.

Well, it's 10AM in the morning and nothing interesting happens in the morning. Unless you count that horrifying NatGeo show I just watched a couple of hours ago. Airplane accidents and getting sucked out of it. DDD:

I'm going to ride one in a few hours.


Oh, my dad's back. From National Bookstore.

Mister Donut's logo is kinda similar to the Pringles logo. Just take out the circle shape outline from the Pringles logo and like, eh. Tweak it a little and it's the Mister Donut logo!

I've started reading Les Miserables. Er, I can't move on. It's really hard to move on from one word to another. I don't get it.

Random. I told you.

Maybe I'll post another when I get back home. O:

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Hello, dear livejournal. Long time no communicate.

I'm kind of envious of Marj. He gets to update that frequent and write so freely about his day. I wonder why and when I stopped blogging like that...

I'm exciteeeeed!

Oh, btw. I'm in a beach right now,with my relatives from the dad side. And, um, okay. I'm a bit, a lot, overwhelmed. They're so manyyyyy. @_@ My mom tried telling me who's who but I gave up because I'm extremely confused.

And the fact that all my cousins are like, in their 30's already. And those my age are my nephews and nieces naaaaa.

AND. We aren't even complete yet. This is like, just the half of it. And about 10 of them came from the states or something. The accent, whoa. Its weird when they speak Bisaya with that accent. Really weird.

Oh. I'm typing this from my mom's phone with a qwerty keypad. There's wifi on the beach. O:

Dinner just finished. There's billiards and chess and mahjong. XDDD

YAY for cable tv! In the hotel room.

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The school year was great, I swear. I really loved 3rd year with Strontium. Paskorus, mainly, plus our awesome Ma'am Kiel. It's kind of sad to note that we had a hell of a lot of breaks because of Ondoy and Ahini. >_>

But seriously, the year was great.
If only the ending didn't suck. >_>

I HATE THIS WEEK. Ugh, it's only the second day and I'm hating it already. Maybe it's not just this week, maybe it's the whole month of March. Or the whole fourth quarter. Gah. >_< It's pulling me down, down, down.

And I can't believe it. I'm wishing that I wasn't in Sr.
It's back to my old problems again.


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There is nothing like home, I swear. A weekend trip to somewhere else with lots of homework on my shoulders and no internet and school material awaiting me on my destination makes me even more stressed.

Oh, and my parents found out that I already have a promdate on the taxi ride from the airport. HAHA.
And they thought it was "Carlos". LOL.

Prom is in two weeks! >_<
I'm more worried/nervous than excited. I feel like my dress is a little bit, or a helluvalot, over the top. I heard everyone else's dresses are cocktail dresses. Mine's not. :( And maybe, or a helluvalot, over the top. Wait, I already said that.


Ohwell. I'm NOT going to make it ruin my night. ;3
LILY! You promised me the kwento! >:)

YMSAT is in a week. D:
Robo's busy like hell again. Organizing a competition with only a week to spare, what's up with that. And I'm part of the Logistics. Bleh.

Oh, and Padj and I are kind of talking again. Heeeee.
Because he's in love. Madly, deeply, crazy in love.
With another girl.


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